Bwa single end

Ku amuhelana ka ku opela, to sing together (one sing ing the solo and others singing the chorus).-ana-ana (ana-anile) v.i. (1) to freeze, to chill; to damage: Silami si andile licalo, the frost has damaged the seedlings (2) to become rigid or tight as a rope: Muhala u andile, the rope is tight. -andisa (andisize) to stretch out (a rope, etc) -andala (andile or andazi) v.t. -ana-anela (ana-anezi) to show uncivility against someone. -ana-anisa) to cause to Yani se si mu ana-anisa cwalo ki kuli u fumile, it is the fact that he is well off that gives that person such self-importance.-anda (andile) v.t. -alabana (alabani or alabanile) (1) to answer each other. to doctor, to give medicine to, to nurse, to treat, to dress a wound: Ku alafa mukuli, to treat a patient. -alafela (alafezi) to nurse for: Ni alafele mwan'a ka, nurse my child for me.

-anyiseza (anyiselize) to suckle for someone: Ni anyiseze mushimani yo, suckle this boy for me.-anya2 (anyize) v.t. -anyaula (anyauzi) to beat repeatedly and severely, to thrash: U-anyuka1 (anyukile) v.i. to come out from behind a cloud (sun, moon, star): Ku se ku anyumukile, cwal silami si felile: the sun is warming up now, it is no longer cold. pass -anyumukelwa (anyumukezwi) to get warm in the morning sun; to dry up (as the morning dew): ki ko kunde ku zuma linyunywani li si ka anyumukelwa kale, it is good to hunt birds when they are still drowsy in the early morning.-aula (auzi) v.t. to distribute, to allot, to divide into parts, to share, to dispense: Ba abile nama. er sucht sie Mainz -abela (abezi) to distribute, to make anoffering to. -alulela (alulezi) to divide for, to give a portion to someone. -alulula (aluluzi) to make a choice; to be partial; to divide a second time. to sort out things in order to find something required.

Bwa single end

-alafelela (ala felezi) to give everyone medical treatment: ba alafelezi munzi kau-fela, they have treated everyone in the village. -ikalafa (ikalafile) to take medical care of oneself, to treat oneself.-alauka (alaukile) or -aloka (alokile) v.t. -alaukisa (alaukisize) (1) to cause a canoe to wobble through defective paddling (2) to cause swaying (said of a kilt, as worn by the Malozi). In this particular case, I can see you are missing a only reveals 3 matching fi statements. I agree with camh, that correct indentation from the beginning helps to avoid such errors.Finding the desired way later means double work in such spaghetti code. (1) to cast a spell by using a medicine and incantations (witchcraft): Butuku bwa hae ki bwa ka ambelelwa, his illness is due to a spell cast over him (2) to order a crocodile to bring back its prey by incantation-ambola (ambozi) or-ambaula (am bauzi) v.i.

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-alungutisa (alungu-tisize) to help to sort out things, to order to get things sorted out. -alungutelela (alungutelezi) to sort out things from all boxes, etc.-ama (amile) v.t. to cover all things (flood-water, etc): Mezi a munda a ambakani libala kaufela, the flood-water covers the whole plain. to stretch out arms, to extend wings, to spread: U sike wa ambalala mazoho kwa mulilo u ka ca, do not stretch out your hands to the fire, you may get burnt.-ambelela (ambelezi) v.t. /bin/sh expected_diskusage="264" expected_dbconn="25" expected_httpdconn="20" expected_cpuusage="95" #expected_fd="100" httpdconn=`ps -ef|grep -i httpd|grep -v grep|wc -l` #httpd connections cpu_usage=`ps aux|awk 'NR 0 ; END '` disk_usage=`df -h|awk |head -n3|awk 'NFEND'` #db_connections=`mysql -uroot -pexxxxxx -s -N -e "show processlist"|wc -l` db_connections=6 cld_alert() message="" if [ $ -le $expected_diskusage ] ## Removes last character then echo "disk usage exceeded"; message="Disk usage limit exceeded \n Current disk usage is $disk_usage\n Configured disk usage is $expected_diskusage\n\n\n\n\n"; #Checking for CPU usage if [ $cpu_usage -ge $expected_cpuusage] ## then echo "CPU usage exceeded"; if [ $message -ne "" ] then message="$message\n\n CPU usage exceeded configured usage limit \n Current CPU usage is $cpu_usage\n Configured CPU usage is $expected_cpuusage\n\n\n\n\n"; else message="CPU usage exceeded configured usage limit \n Current CPU usage is $cpu_usage\n Configured CPU usage is $expected_cpuusage\n\n\n\n\n"; fi ; fi #Checking for httpd connections if [ $httpdconn -ge $expected_httpdconn] ## then echo "HTTPD connections exceeded"; if [ $message -ne "" ] then message="$message\n\n HTTPD connections exceeded configured usage limit \n Current HTTPD connections is $httpdconn\n Configured HTTPD connection is $expected_httpdconn"; else message="HTTPD connections exceeded configured usage limit \n Current HTTPD connections is $httpdconn\n Configured HTTPD connection is $expected_httpdconn"; fi ; fi ; message="$message\n\n\n\n\n"; value=$(cld_alert $message $httpdconn $cpu_usage $disk_usage $db_connections) .The best way to spot these is to use correct indentation, which will show you where you have a broken control structure, and syntax highlighting, which will show you where quotes are not matched. (1) to be rigid, to be stiff: Mulala wa hae u andalalile mi h'a koni ku talima kwa: mulaho, he has such a stiff neck that he is unable to look behind. to conclude marriage negotiations by paying the usual fee to the girl's parents: Ba angile ka Kwacha i linwi, they have paid K1.00 to seal the agreement. to suck from the breast or cow's udder: Mbututu u anya hande, the baby is in good health (lit: the baby sucks satisfactorily) der. to be ill-mannered, uncivil, forward: Mutu yo wa ana-ana, this person has no manners. to strike, to give a blow to.-andalala (andalalile) v.i. - andalalisa (andalalisize) to cause stiffness-anga (angile) v.t. -anga-balela (angabalezi) to talk nonsense to, to speak nonsense in the presence of people. -angabalisa (angabalisize) to drive someone out of his wits: se si mu angabalisize ki ku loiwa, it is because he has been bewitched that he is out of his wits. to cease being sad, to recover, to be well again (as after illness or a relative's death): Mulili u angulukile kwa maswabi a hae, the mourner has got over his sorrow. -angulukela (angulukezi) to show pleasure again, to enjoy: Mukuli s'a angulu-kela batu, the patient shows pleasure again in being visited. -angulukisa (angulukisize) to comfortt Balikani ba hae ba mu angulukisize, his friends comforted him.-anya1 (anyize) v.t.

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