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We refer readers to the RDF core semantics, syntax and concepts documents for more precise details.

In RDF, typed literal values comprise a string (the lexical form of the literal) and a datatype (identified by a URI).

Andrés Rodriguez-Posé (London School of Economics): “Quality of Government and the Returns of Investment: Examining the Impact of Cohesion Expenditure in European Regions”, May 9, h, Aula (Fürstengraben 1). Jena2 implements this equality function by using the method . kostenlose datingbörse chemnitz center Thus two literals ("13", xsd:int) and ("13", xsd:decimal) will test as same Value As each other but neither will test same Value As ("13", xsd:string).When Jena is reading a file there is also the issue of what to do when it encounters a typed value whose datatype URI is not one that is knows about.The default behaviour is to create a new datatype object (whose value space is the same as its lexical space).

Date börse Jena

In addition, it is possible for an application to define new datatypes and register them against some URI (see below).When Jena parses a datatype whose lexical value is not legal for the declared datatype is does not immediately throw an error.Instances of this interface can be used to parse and serialized typed data, test for equality and test if a typed or lexical value is a legal value for this datatype.Prebuilt instances of this interface are included for all the main XSD datatypes (see below).Diese nutzen mit der Emission von Mittelstandsanleihen eine flexible Finanzierungsalternative über den Rentenmarkt, um Fremdkapital aufzunehmen.

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Allgemeines: Anleihen werden auch Bonds oder Obligationen genannt.This would, for example, have made it impossible to cache literals in a hash table.Datatypes for typed literals are represented by instances of the interface .The datatype is supposed to denote a mapping from lexical forms to some space of values.The pair comprising the literal then denotes an element of the value space of the datatype.

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