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Denmark, located at the mouth of the Baltic Sea, includes the north-pointing peninsula of Jylland (Jutland) in the west and a large number of islands to the east.The capital, København (Copenhagen), is on the island of Sjaelland.This is a well-known and frequently-visited lighthouse.Helnæs is an island off the southwestern corner of Fyn, joined to the mainland by a causeway and bridge.

en date dk Faaborg-Midtfyn

In 2001 a local support group, Bågø Fyrs Venner, was granted the right to manage the building as a historic monument and conduct tours for the public.Located on the coast at Tvingsberg, about 3 km (2 mi) north of Assens. ARLHS DEN-048; directional light: DFL-4214, Admiralty C0967, NGA 2604; front range light: DFL-4218b, Admiralty C0968, NGA 2608. Active; focal plane 28 m (92 ft); white light, 2 s on, 2 s off. The front of the tower is painted with red and white horizontal bands; the other sides are painted a dark brown or black. bedste datingsider i danmark Bornholm The light is shown through a large window at the top of the tower.Trabas has a good closeup, Lemvigh has a page with photos, and Google has a satellite view and a distant street view.This modern directional light replaced the former Assens range lights. ARLHS DEN-051; DFL-4224; Admiralty C0977; NGA 2616.1900. 8 m (26 ft) square tapered wood tower, painted a dark brown to eliminate its use as a navigational mark. Lighthouse painted white with a narrow red band under the lantern; lantern painted black. 8 m (26 ft) old-style square cylindrical stone tower with lantern and gallery.

En date dk Faaborg-Midtfyn

Active; focal plane 11 m (36 ft); flash every 5 s, white, red or green depending on direction.8 m (26 ft) 1-1/2 story keeper's house; the lights are shown through a 2nd floor window. Huelse has a photo, Per Mayntzhusen has a view from the water, and Google has a satellite view. ARLHS DEN-153; DFL-4176; Admiralty C0962; NGA 2596.1965.Located at the end of the breakwater mole protecting the harbor of Assens. The light was shown through a large window at the top of the tower. Another photo is available, Lemvigh has a photo, Huelse has a historic postcard view, and Google has a street view and a satellite view. Lighthouse painted white; lantern is greenish metallic.Lemvigh has a page with photos, a 2009 photo is available, Klaus Huelse also has a good photo, and Google has a street view and a satellite view. The original light was replaced in 1853 and again in 1895. Ove Jensen's photo is at right, Trabas has an excellent photo, Pete Shacky also has a photo, and Google has a satellite view.Other major Danish islands include Fyn (between Sjaelland and Jylland), Lolland and Falster (south of Sjaelland) and Bornholm (farther east in the Baltic).

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This page covers the lighthouses of Fyn and neighboring islands, including Ærø and Langeland.

Trabas has a closeup photo, Lemvigh has photos, and Bing has a heavily-shaded satellite view.

Located in a forest just off the Baunevej at Sandager, 2.2 km (1.4 mi) northeast of the front light. ARLHS DEN-049; DFL-4218a; Admiralty C0968.1; NGA 2612.1900.

The island is accessible by ferry from Assens, and the lighthouse is only a short hike from the ferry terminal. Site open; tower open daily June 1 through August 31. ARLHS DEN-154; ex-DFL-4200; ex-Admiralty C0972; ex-NGA 2600.1900.

Active; focal plane 12 m (39 ft); front range light white, red or green depending on direction, 1 s on, 1 s off; also a directional light, white, red or green depending on direction, 3 s on, 2 s off.

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